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General and Safety conditions

Important information for the media-graphers requesting accreditation for our event.

By sending accreditation request for any of our events, you acknowledge that you're responsible for your own actions, you'll be moving around the event venue at your own risk and will follow the recommendations and orders of the organizers and actively prevent damage to health and property.

General conditions:

  • You're above 18 years of age or you'll be accompanied by responsible adult.
  • You're liable for any damaged you cause on the property, equipment or cars of others.
  • You'll keep and take all your equipment with yourself. We're not responsible for it's safekeeping.
  • A reflective vest and physical accreditation card will be lent to you. Upon leaving you're required to return both.
  • Pilots of drones
    • should have all necessary legal permits and respect each other in the airspace.
    • are liable for any damage caused on the property or equipment as well as health of people.
  • You're obliged to provide media output to us after the event within reasonable time span
    (either you'll send link to your storage or we'll provide storage for you).

Safety conditions:

  • You'll be wearing safety reflective vest provided by us at all times when moving around the event venue.
  • When going beyond safety barriers you must always follow orders of track marshalls or organizers.
  • Use of flash light or any other artificial light is prohibited.
  • Do not fly drones in close proximity to people, cars or flags.

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