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Championship scoring

Description of scoring framework for Race the Streets championship.

Each event in championship's season driver will participate in will yield him points that count towards overall season ranking. Driver with most points at the end of the seasons wins the championship.

Event participation

Each driver has equal opportunity to participate in every event of the season.

Drivers that send registrations for all of the events before the season starts will have priority in driver selection over drivers only participating occasionally.

Once driver is selected for at least one race he/she automatically enters the championship.

Points allocation

At the conclusion of each event, drivers are awarded with points for qualifying position and final position in tandem battles. Sum of those points makes up total for particular race.

Driver that fails to finish qualifications due to technical difficulties or penalization (DNF) is not eligible for points allocation at the end of the race.

Qualifying points
Battle points
5th - 8th48pts.
9th - 16th32pts.
17th - 32nd16pts.

ExampleDriver qualifies 2nd and looses battle to opponent in TOP 8 - 7 pts. + 48 pts. = 55 pts.

Tie breaker

In case of a tie in season standings, it'll be decided based on number of races where driver finished on higher position than the other one.

If the tie still prevails, the tie breaker will be who finished higher in the most recent race.

ExampleAfter 3rd race out of 4, driver A and driver B score equal amount of points, so far:

  • driver A finished: in TOP 16 / in TOP 8 / in TOP 8
  • driver B finished: in TOP 8 / in TOP 8 / in TOP 8
  • driver B takes precedence because in 1st race he finished above driver A.

ExampleIn season with 4 races, driver A and driver B score equal amount of points,

  • driver A finished: 2nd / in TOP 8 / in TOP 16 / 4th
  • driver B finished: in TOP 8 / 4th / 2nd / in TOP 16
  • both drivers finished on higher position equal number of times, but driver A takes precedence because in 4th race he finished above driver B.

Fair play

Our championship prioritizes fair competition, with rules and regulations in place to ensure a level playing field for all participants

Any violation of rules or regulations can lead to driver's disqualification from the championship and all future races. With disqualification driver looses all rights to claim prizes or refund starting fees.


All drivers have right to voice their objection through protest form if they find ruling of judges unfair or against the rules.

Physical copies of protest form can be requested from judges or championship managers at any race.

Be aware that submission of protest form is time limited:

RoundTime limitationFee
TOP 325 minutes after last battle500€
TOP 16Prior to start of TOP 8500€
TOP 8Prior to start of TOP 4500€
TOP 4Prior to start of Finals500€
FINALSBefore race winners announcement500€

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