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Street's unforgiving

The Race the Streets Championship is here to test the limits even of the most skilled drifters.

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Season 2024

Don't miss out on any event. Here are events in season 2024.

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1Marko Hučko132
2Vladimír Doubek108
3Patrik Cselőtei 99
4Tadeáš Jagelka94
5János Onódi93
6Pavel Hudeček83
7Jan Hejda81
8Filip Vimpel71
9 - 10Krystian Morawietz68
9 - 10Jan Konečný68
11David Mrlina66
12Magyar Tamás65
13Marián Nikš64
14Michał Wojtan 56
15Zdeněk Kadeřábek54
16Marcin Banowicz52
17Vaclav Slatinský48
18Daniel Brandner34
-Michal Fojtik32
20 - 29Oszkár Bócsik32
20 - 29Vaclav Hejda32
20 - 29Petr Matušík32
20 - 29Zdenek Majer 32
20 - 29Robert Petri32
20 - 29Gabriel Koczkáš32
20 - 29Michal Vychodil32
20 - 29Radovan Porubiak32
20 - 29Nino Plutsch32
20 - 29Tomáš Bátory32
-René Bača16
-Gabor Kanalovics16
32 - 41Martin Szucsko 16
32 - 41Miroslav Majo16
32 - 41Csaba Cselőtei 16
32 - 41Arpad Turoczi16
32 - 41Roman Porubiak16
32 - 41Róbert Horenský16
32 - 41Michal Varholy16
32 - 41Jan Fojtík16
32 - 41Erik Jankovič16
32 - 41Zilizi Krisztián16
-Dominik Beran0
-Zdeněk Holman0
-Martin Veverka 0
-Daniel Greschner0
-Michal Helebrandt0
-István Jugovits0
-Attila Giltner0
-Markus Denk0
-Dominik Nekolný0
-Daniel Koltay 0
-Tomáš Legerský0
-Piotr Głódź0
-Dominik Kouba0
-Honza Zubak0
-Petr Korbel0
-Martin Pompa0
-Daniel Pelikan0
-Adam Tomeček0
-Michaela Frantinová0
-Jiří Chytil0
-Tomáš Lála 0
-Pavel Jaroš0
-Martin Soukup0
-Daniel Grosspitsch0
-Jan Novotný0
-Valeri Mosk0
-Krisztian Tóth0
-Nina Zagozdzon0
-Michal Sitta0
-Tomáš Ježek0

About Race the Streets

If you haven't heard about Race the Streets or even about ZapalTo! organisation read this now!

Welcome to the world of the adrenaline racing series "Race the Streets" and immerse yourself in the exciting world of drifting, where brave drivers compete on tracks that completely exhaust their skills and experience.

"Race the Streets" takes you on fascinating tracks that have been designed to expose riders to extreme challenges, testing the limits of their machines and their own driving skills. From professional high-speed tracks, through winding mountain passes to narrow streets in an urban environment. All this gives each race their dangerous appeal.

This series does not pick the weak ones. It is a test not only of their skills behind the wheel, but also of their courage and nerves of steel. They must perfectly control their car and fight in an uncompromising battle with the competition on tracks that do not forgive any mistakes.

Get ready for an uncompromising adrenaline ride that will show what it means to race on the absolute edge. "Race the Streets" will offer you excitement that will not let you sit still. Immerse yourself in this fresh series that redefines drifting!

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photo/video-graphers capturing all the action happening during each event
people participating on organisation and preparation of each event
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