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Technical and Safety conditions

Necessary information for the drivers participating in any of our races.

By registering for any of our events, you acknowledge that you're participating in the race at your own risk and will follow the recommendations and orders of the organizers and actively prevent damage to health and property.

Technical conditions of the racing car:

  • Obligation to keep both doors open
  • All windows from non-sharding glass or other material
  • Side windows or safety nets covering the whole window opening are required
  • Mandatory sports seat with fastening according to valid FIA standards
  • Four (or more) point safety seat belts
  • Compulsory lighting; front dipped-beam lights, brake lights, led strip on the upper part of the front and rear windows
  • Obligation of the front and rear towing eyes indicated by the red arrow
  • The obligation of an external battery disconnector, which ensures that the entire electrical system is turned off including engine
  • Fire extinguisher system activated from inside as well as from outside with nozzle placement according to annex "J" of FIA regulations
  • Fire extinguisher within arm's reach of strapped-in rider min. 2KG
  • A stock or safety fuel tank is allowed. In the case of a safety tank, this tank must be separated from the driver's cabin
  • Safety frame according to annex "J" of FIA regulations
  • No operating fluids may leak from the vehicle

Driver equipment according to valid FIA standards:

  • Helmet
  • Flame retardant gloves
  • Flame retardant overalls
  • Non-flammable racing shoes

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