Streets of Český Těšín
Streets of Český Těšín

Streets of Český Těšín

2. 9. 2023 6:00 — 21:00

Bus station, Frýdecká, 737 01 Český Těšín

Round2, FIGHT! After a year, we will meet again in the legendary action packed „Český Těšín“ at the only Czech drifting race in the city center!

On September 2, 2023, some of the best Czech, Slovak and Polish drifters will race through the city, and one thing is certain, the track will not forgive any mistake and the riders will once again clash in narrow track which takes lots of skill and nerves of steel to race on!

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Registration price
5 000,00 CZK
Prize money
40 000,00 CZK
Max number of drivers
Mixed surface of the track, Max. depot size 3x6m

• One category for all

• The night part of the race extended until 23:00

• Special effects on the track and an unforgettable atmosphere of thousands of spectators

• Valuable prizes from sponsors and unique trophies from the BLACK HEART artist which will be signed by the mayor of Český Těšín and the artist himself

Included in the starting fee: 3x Entry (Rider, mechanic, spotter), Tire service (without disposal), Welcome gift, Lunch for riders, Driver's card + key fob

After submitting the registration form, your application will go through the selection committee. The driver's experience and the technical and visual condition of the vehicle will be evaluated. If you are selected, you will receive an email with confirmation and information to pay the starting fee. After paying the fee, your registration for the race is complete and we will see each other on the starting grid!

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